Electrical Multi-Craft Technician

Support the Hamlet Facility electronic/electrical and mechanical needs on shift. This position is responsible for but not limited to: troubleshooting, repair, assigned projects, special projects and developmental projects for Engineering and Maintenance needs and performs other mechanical needs and repairs as assigned. Must know, follow, and demonstrate compliance with all safety rules and understand working safely is a condition of employment.
Reports to: Plant Manager, Regional Engineering Manager-Electrical Multi-Craft Technician
Physical Requirements:
Ability to walk, stand, stoop, crawl, and climb frequently on hard surfaces. Also be able to work at heights
Ability to work overtime, weekends and holidays as well as plant shutdowns
Ability to lift 30-50 pounds regularly and more with assistance
Use of arms, hands and legs to perform maintenance duties and handle tools
Ability to work in hot and cold environments
Must have sight and hearing ability
Required Knowledge and Skills:
3-5 years of proven experience in the electrical/electronics, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic fields are required. Skills demonstration and hands-on proof may be asked
Thorough knowledge of electrical/electronic components and equipment including the use of special instruments for diagnostics purposes
Must have and demonstrate good communication skills and be able to work well with all levels of associates on the floor, especially Operators to successfully deal with troubleshooting and repairs of equipment
Must have and demonstrate good computer skills and operations including PLC programming
Must demonstrate ability to work to and with minimum tolerances of tools, equipment and machinery
Must work and climb in overhead structures, beneath machines and in close quarters performing analysis and repair
Must demonstrate high degree of safety awareness especially working in and around high voltage
Must recognize and understand that the above listed duties and responsibilities do not represent all area and that other duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed
Demonstrate, follow and practice all safety rules, policies, and practices at all times
Minimum Qualifications Required:
High School Graduate or GED and 2 year technical degree or accredited apprenticeship program or the equivalent in a technical field is required. 3-5 years experience of proven manufacturing experience in electrical, electronics, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatics is required

Don't Be Fooled

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