Human Resources Manager


Functional Responsibilities

  • Recruits hourly and salaried employees which include: screening applications; interviewing; extending job offers; scheduling physicals, drug screens and background checks; and conducting employee orientation. Policy and procedure development and implementation.
  • Administer random drug testing.
  • Payroll for salaried personnel, maintenance changes for hourly/salaried.
  • Responsible for managing the Human Resources functions and the support staff.
  • Directs and maintains various employee relations activities and programs designed to promote and maintain a high level of employee productivity. Acts as liaison between employees, union and management personnel.
  • Evaluates the status and productivity of employee programs and recommends changes to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness. Identifies, troubleshoots, and resolves problem areas such as attendance, LOA/FMLA, workers compensation, unemployment compensation, etc.
  • Assists, plans and implements safety policies and procedures in compliance with local, state, and federal rules and regulations including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Performs safety surveys and inspections, prepares written reports of findings and recommendations for corrective or preventive measures where indicated and follows up to ensure measures have been implemented.
  • Assists in the development, evaluation and upgrading of safety programs.
  • Maintains a high level of visibility and accessibility to all employees.
  • Provides direction and counsel to HR staff, department managers, supervisors and employees regarding policies and programs affecting the human resources function.
  • Develops and ensures communication avenues are maintained between employees, union and management.
  • Ensures high level of integrity is maintained and that personnel matters are handled in a professional, confidential and discreet manner.
  • Directs the planning and organization of employee appreciationand service recognition eventsand other employee events.
  • Keeps abreast of current employment and labor laws and works with Regional HR Director to ensure compliance with all federal, state or local employment laws.
  • Administers employee benefits programs, keeps abreast of program details, and provides guidance and counsel to employees and management.
  • Responsible for conducting annual harassment training, drug and alcohol and workplace violence.
  • Ensures that performance appraisals are being properly completed in a timely manner.
  • Reviews and monitors the Organization s safety training documentation, policies, and procedures to ensure they are accurate and up to date for the facility.
  • Conducts inspections and audits to verify compliance with safety rules and regulations. Maintains all files to assure inspections/audits are being done completely and in a timely manner.
  • Participates in internal and external audits regularly. External audits can be with customers or outside resources such as insurance companies, as well as, governmental agencies such as OSHA andDNR.
  • Leads ergonomic evaluations of facility work sites and leads efforts in improvements.
  • Monitors all new and revised Material Safety Data Sheets for regulatory compliance.
  • Participates in process improvement teams and projects.
  • Organizes and develops all training manuals, reference library,and testingand evaluationprocedures for departmental training to meet all regulatory, company and industry standards.
  • Provides assistance to Human Resources Administrator in matters relating to employee orientation including information on the Substance Abuse Policy, Blood borne Pathogens Policy, proper lifting techniques, etc...
  • Ensures scheduling of CPR and First Aid Training.
  • Compiles and maintains all safety records, including employees trained and the documented completion dates.
  • Coordinates incident investigation and follow-up to help ensure all pertinent information is being communicated back to relevant individuals.
  • Calculates and reports the plant s monthly safety statistics.
  • Analyzes injury data for the plant to detect trends for potential injury prevention.
  • Case manager on difficult claims involving time-off for work related and non-work related injuries/illnesses.
  • Receives and analyzes worker s comp data for the plant. Recommends and initiates corrective action and retraining of employees with the appropriate plant management.
  • Assists in responsibilities for maintaining plant protection and security program.
  • Assists in the development of programs to ensure facility compliance with environmental requirements, i. e. air, water and solid wastes, and maintains required records and permits.
  • Coordinates resources to secure and maintain understanding of facility requirements as governed by agency issued permits.
  • Ensures enactment of required training of plant personnel in environmental matters.
  • Assists in monitoring facility grounds, operations and material usage and provides support in developing measures to ensure environmental compliance.
  • Maintains records, data or information necessary to prepare required reports and to respond to agency requests. Assists in generation and storage of required permits.
  • Coordinates all activities relating to hazardous waste management including: handling, storage, shipping and disposal.

Managerial Responsibilities

  • Drives performance systems in the Department by reviewing job performance of all salaried supervisors and technical support personnel through timely, formal appraisals and day-to-day counseling.
  • Develops training and methodsto communicate information with all Plant personnel
  • Responsible for improving the organizational effectiveness of theleadersby providing training methods. Also responsible to develop the skills of employees to progress through the job classifications.
  • Conducts meetings for all shifts to review information, revised procedures, policies, etc.
  • Provide counselling/coaching with all Management and Supervisors.
  • Manages all activities of the Human Resource Administrator.
  • Manages the Plant Safety Committee and helps facilitate all safety activities within the facility.
    • Regular use of computers, telephones and other types of office equipment
    • Must organize complex tasks and meet deadlines
    • Face confrontational situations
    • Long termstrategicplanning
    • Sequencing tasks
    • Work with Frequent distractions and interrputions
    • Accuracy
    • Adaptability
    • Speak to large groups
    • Available between all shifts
    • Regular timespentin theofficeand the remaining time is spent inaproductionsetting. Hazards are those normally associated with a Plant position and include: noise levels above 85 decibels, warm building temperature during mid-summer months.
    • Personal and product safety requirements for the plant include: hearing protection,safety glasses,safety shoes and hairnets.
    • Required to maintain communication with second and third shifts through physical visits.
  • Education& Experience

    • Bachelor s degree in Human Resources or business related field or equivalent combination of education and7-10 year sexperience.
    • Three to five years experience as a Human Resources Manager or senior level Human Resources Representative position.
    • A minimum of three years work experience with exposure to safety and environmental elements in an industrial setting; experience in flexible packaging industry a definite plus.
    • Must possess knowledge of all segments of the Human Resources field. Continually supplement knowledge with classroom and seminar instruction on related topics.


    • Ability to relate positively and effectively to all levels.
    • Strong oral and written communication skills.
    • Thorough knowledge of employment law.
    • Ability to recruit and select associates that will contribute to the organization s success.
    • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
    • Demonstrate leadership skills.
    • Ability to use good judgment and common sense.

    Don't Be Fooled

    The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.

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